Peter in Quiltfolk magazine July issue

Peter was asked to keep it hush-hush for a little while, but the news is officially out, he was interviewed and photographed for the the Louisiana issue, of Quilt Folk magazine!   

See the announcement on their site!  And keep an eye out for the magazine, coming out July 1.  

One of their photos of Peter holding one of his indigo-dyed quilts.   From:

One of their photos of Peter holding one of his indigo-dyed quilts.   From:

Ogden Museum Visit

We had the pleasure of hosting the Kohlmeyer circle from the Ogden Museum up at the schoolhouse this past weekend.  15 visitors came to see the building, the studios, and the artists at work.  In addition to Kate, Peter, and Karen, we also had the artists Seth, Luke, Ana, and Aida all present for the tour and to show off our work.  Luke even made a few print sales on-the-spot!   

It was a fun visit, and also a good excuse to get some much-needed spring cleaning done!  


crosby entry spring 2018 cleaning.jpg

Post Mardi Gras work

We took a much needed break after a busy Mardi Gras and spent some time at the schoolhouse.   Of course we kept making things...   Here's one of peter's latest quilts.  Note the Japanese magnolia blooming in the background!   




It snowed up at the Schoolhouse, a lot!   Photos by our lovely neighbor Ashelee.   Thank goodness our pipes did not burst and the heat managed to keep a bit of warmth in some of the rooms!   

schoolhouse snow.jpg
Crosby snow by Ashlee.jpg