KIT- Silk and Mohair Sweater

kate sweater color options.JPG
kate sweater color options.JPG

KIT- Silk and Mohair Sweater


This make-it-yourself kit contains all the materials, tools, and instructions needed to create the Hand Knit Silk and Mohair Sweater (featured in the store).   Prepared by Kate, based on her design.   

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Love the Silk and Mohair Sweater?   This kit contains everything you will need to create your own.   Basic knitting skills needed, the pattern is based on simple pieces that require only the most basic knitting skills.   

Kit includes:

4 balls of yarn (sufficient for one sweater)

1 pair of knitting needles

Ribbon for the neckline (you can also use your own if you want)

Yarn sewing needle

Pattern and detailed instructions